How To Style Leggings And Tunics

How To Style Leggings With Tunics

Today I wanted to show you as promised how I typically wear leggings. If I ever do wear leggings and this is just my preference leggings are really popular today. You see people wearing them all the time you know sometimes they’re yoga pants. Sometimes they are truly are leggings and women tend to wear all different sorts of ways. But today I just wanted to show you how I wear them and how I find I can make them look presentable without looking awkward belly. I ‘m in exercise clothes because we know leggings are really comfortable they can keep our legs warm in the winter. There are some great ways to wear them so in today’s video I’m just going to show you a few variations and how I like to wear them.

I’m also doing a giveaway in this video for this Zoe laureate necklace by Stella and dot my friend Lucy sells Stella and dot and she’s done giveaways before on my channel. So I just want to thank Lucy for hosting this stay tuned to the end of the video so you can figure out how to enter this giveaway. So I’m just trying to figure out the best way for me to see this video right now. You know we’re still in the new house and trying to figure out the best places to shoot full-length shots of my outfit. But basically how I typically like to wear my leggings is limited to neck or address basically. So I don’t like to wear the leggings and then have a short top because for me that’s just too revealing and I don’t feel comfortable in it.

So here’s what I’m going to do I’m hearing this with this tunic that you saw I can link the video for my the closet door for my ten-item wardrobe let me get this out of the way. There we go and this is just the olive green tunic. It has pockets and it’s just a very simple basic and I’m pairing it with a long necklace now. I always like to pair to tunics with the long necklace because I think it looks pretty and it kind of brings the look together. So this is the necklace that we’re giving away today and there are many different ways that you can wear this necklace. If you go to my blog there will be pictures of all the different ways and all the different things you can do with it. So it’s really a cool necklace so I’m just wearing these leggings and on my feet, I have ballet flat, okay you could also where this is driving shoes as you can see right here so these are driving shoes and I frequently do that as well.

Then of course for most of us when there’s the weather outside you have to wear boots. So I’m wearing and just appear you know well includes right now make were riding boots with this you could wear shearling boots with this there are all sorts of boots that you could wear. That’s kind of what it looks like from a side view. And now I changed to a different tunic so this is just. A navy blue very basic tunic I like to get basic ones because you compare that with leggings and put them with accessories and they just wear really well. You can wear them in a variety of ways so this tunic I’m going to wear this scarf my mother in law gave me the scarf and you know there are so many different ways you can wear a scarf.

I’m just going to do something really simple right now but basically you can just wear a tunic scarf leggings and any of those three types of shoe ballet flats driving shoes or boots you can even wear short ankle boots as well. And I can show you what that would look like. We are at the ankle boots pretty much pair of leggings with almost any type of shoe it affirms may be bulky athletic shoes but yeah so this is what it looks like with ankle boots. I hope this video gives you the inspiration to let you know that you can wear leggings and are a very presentable way it’s very simple. It’s just like a mathematical formula for me I just pair them with a long tunic and either scarf piece of jewelry or just a nice pair of shoes whatever that is for you.

You know whatever corresponds to the weather that you’re given on any given day and that’s it and it’s just a very comfortable very winning formula for me as a busy mom. So I am really pleased to be giving away this necklace my friend Lucy who sells Stella and Dodd I’ll put all of her details below. She is offering to give away one Zoey laureate necklace to viewers of daily connoisseur this necklace is so great to wear with tunics and it’s very versatile. There are many different ways that you can wear I love the pictures on my blog with all the different ways that you can wear it. But basically only the details below you enter on my blog through raffle copter and I will select a winner in the giveaway is worldwide.

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