How To Color Block Outfit

Color is a powerful thing you can shift your mood in an instant makes you smile make you feel more motivated you and give you energy or it can make you feel peaceful. Color is present everywhere in nature and the buildings around you in the sky on your skin and in your clothes which is what we’re going to talk about today.

First of all, what is color blocking exactly color blocking in fashion can be defined as the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid colors. So your whole outfit could be color block with different single colored items or you could also have one item in your outfits be color-blocked with panels of different colors does that make sense.

So in order to properly understand how to color block it’s important to first understand the color wheel don’t be overwhelmed. It’s really quite easy first you have the three primary colors red blue and yellow with these colors you can form any other color on the spectrum. Then you have the secondary and tertiary colors that are formed by blending the primaries together. Now, when you look at a color wheel the colors will generally be very bright and saturated. But they don’t have to be when putting together an outfit meaning there are two things you can change with any given color the brightness and the saturation. By adding either black or white to any color you can make it either a little darker or a little later creating different shades of that color. You can also vary the intensity of the color by making an idea a little more saturated or a little less.

These two teachers are essentially the same color blue the second one is less saturated than the other and they’re both great. But I just want to show you guys that you have options. So on to the meat of the subject now the four main ways you can color block your outfit to create a visually appealing color scheme. We’re gonna go into all four of those and I’m gonna be showcasing each point with some colorful statement pieces from Benetton. I’m happy to Benetton as a sponsor for today’s video because it’s a very nostalgic brand for me. When I was a kid I used to get all of my lightweight knits from them like all my crew neck and V. neck sweaters they would always have the largest choice of colors. The company is will so would stop by your store whenever I went back to my hometown in Paris for me. They’ve always been synonymous with fun colorful pieces and their most recent collection definitely honors.

The first and easiest way to color block is to go fold monochrome simply pair different pieces of the same color for a cohesive look now the key here to not look washed out or like you’re wearing the costume. It’s a very the shade and saturation of that color sure I want with some classic dark indigo jeans paired with the light blue turtleneck from Benetton and their heavyweight wool cloth jacket. I finished off the look with some light blue tread sneakers notice how not only shades of blue different providing a clear distinction between the light blue turtleneck and a jacket. But the fabrics are also different from the more rugged denim to the very soft virgin wool of the turtle neck and jacket and a mix of leather and suede on the sneakers creating an interesting look. Where everything blends in cohesively the without any peace losing itself and makes the shades of blue.

Analogous colors are colors that sit next to each other in the color wheel if monochromatic feel too safe for you using analogous colors instead is a great option to elevate your color blocking game ideally. I think that to really pull them off in a color-blocked outfit it will look best with three colors either three analogous colors or two analogous and neutral for example in this outfit. I use blue and green as the analogous colors and white as the neutral I layered Benetton’s V. neck cool sweater in a nice emerald green shade over to light blue turtleneck with a pair of mid-blue jeans. And chunky white sneakers for a throwback to the nineties five that’s further enhanced by oversized aviators. I’m wearing another combo I really like is orange and yellow in the warmer tones that are a great combo especially for fall you can also go for some cooler shades of blue and purple and pink together there’s definitely a lot of room for experimentation.

The third way to color block is by using complementary colors are two colors that sit opposite to each other in the color wheel pairing them together can look amazing just like you can look disastrous. The thing is that opposite colors by nature have a very strong contrast. So when you put them side by side it’s almost like the enhance each other’s brightness and end up looking even bolder. But there are several ways you can make complementary colors work beautifully together the first one is to use one of the two colors as the dominant color in the outfit. And have the second one be an accent color the second is to play with different shades and avoiding overly saturated colors for example when pairing red and green together think more olive green and Burgundy.

Rather than a full-strength green and red that might have you end up looking like an actual Christmas tree. The third way which can be combined with any of the other two is to have at least one piece in a neutral color to help anchor to look and avoid having it look tacky lastly instead of going for true opposites. You can also go for one color adjacent to the opposite colors providing a little less dark of contrast, for example, pairing yellow with ultramarine blue instead of purple in this outfit. I use Benetton’s wool turtleneck in a bright shade of orange as a statement piece I kept the rest of the look simple with some street fitted my blue jeans and white sneakers the navy wool jacket would be a good choice. About earlier to dial down the orange a bit making blues the dominant color of the outfit.

Lastly the triadic color blocking method involves putting together three colors that are equally distant from each other in the color wheel forming a triangle such as the three primary colors red blue and yellow or you can also go for three secondary or tertiary colors for something a little more subdued this method is definitely not for the faint of heart as the contrast created between the three colors is very start there’s color block hoodie from Benetton is a perfect example to illustrate the effect of a triadic color scheme it’s definitely a bold piece so I keep the rest of the outfit super pared back when wearing this, unfortunately, it’s a little too oversize for me but if you’re a little taller and will probably fit you better or it actually looks great as a sweatshirt dress for a girl so be careful your girlfriend might just steal it from you forever.

All those single color black pieces are a good option you can also opt for different items each with a different color from the triadic color schemes. Here I opted for Bennett since turtleneck in mustard along with solid blue jeans red socks anchored with white sneakers by keeping one of the three colors, in this case, read it as a small accent piece.  It’s more subtle but still shows that you were very intentional with the color blocking plus the look doesn’t need another big colorful piece like a red jacket. Which might make the whole outfit a little too in your face another variant of this outfit that I might even like a little bit better would be to swap the jeans for a pair of relaxed white pants. And have the blue piece of the outfit the denim jacket layered on top of the turtle neck and still keeping the red socks now you still have the triadic color scheme but the big chunk of white helps tie the whole look together.

You’re now fully set to match your girlfriends and you could be dressed and you both can go take some flyer couple pics free to grab. All the pieces war will be linked in the description guys if you’re looking for some fun colorful statement pieces for your fall-winter wardrobe whether it’s a crazy patterned sweatshirt or more simple but still, bold orange turtleneck.

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