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Fashion Style Tips – Fashion advice blog

Today I am going to give you some fashion style tips Do you see that is that I think you know the video the slow fashion just out because of a policy in buns and then don’t you worry the rest of this video will be in English but I just thought.

fashion style tips
Fashion Style Tips – Fashion advice blog

Right intro for today’s video which is finally figuring out how to replicate that beautiful French girl chic style that are if you’re anything like me I really appreciate and tend to gravitate towards their something just so classic and timeless and cool about it so I thought I would try and replicate it within my own closet and really try to nail down what it is about French roll style so I actually did some legitimate research for this because unfortunately I am not a French woman I didn’t feel comfortable tackling this topic with a little bit of help and still a huge thank you to me then I think one of you wonderful viewer who is a chic French woman who lives in France I don’t know if people gonna make just back it was in the in the movie he was saying it is it let’s have a have a clue unfortunately doing this research did not include me flying off to France in eating ridiculous amounts of costs on cheese and I guess.
Maybe next time anyway for those of you who are new welcome every week I talk about slow fashion with a heavy focus on the principles of minimalism so using and loving what you already have and making smart shopping decisions so that you can create a closet full of pieces that you actually love and where so that’s something your jam hits a scribe below and post every Sunday and for those of you who are coming back.
Big hello Mosul welcome back it looks even Yahoo.
Thank you so so much for coming back and watching without further ado.
Let’s try and break down French girl style and of course I put together a little look book for you.
I really wanted to touch on the values of French women.And.
They’re getting dressed and their personal style I don’t want to call it rules I think wells are just no fun.
The first value of the stylish French woman is that she really values quality over quantity social invest in more expensive pieces that she knows will last for a very long time that perhaps she could even pass down and they’re also very versatile which brings me to point number two she’s totally okay with having a smaller closet with pieces that she knows she’ll be able to mix and match and that she’ll be able to wear over and over again in terms of where she invests her money it seems as though quality bags and quality shoes are where it’s at it doesn’t necessarily have to do with you know having a designer bag a lot of attention to whether it’s a high quality material and design that is still functional.
And timeless and just.
Very very good quality I think that brings me to the next point which is that they’ve really kind of nailed the whole high low so they’re not afraid to pair a very expensive bank or shoes or jewelery.
Sort of maybe.Three.
Did I know or fast fashion item.
Course you know if you know my channel and you’ve been following I’m definitely not a promoter of fast fashion but I’m just saying that they’re really not afraid to mix these different price points the other value revolves around jewelery and I thought this was such a neat idea in the sense that French women will often have.
Timeless and classic watch that they wear day and night for any occasion and I think that’s really beautiful it’s almost like having your own signature statement piece and when it comes to statement pieces it’s always very balanced so if it’s a big statement necklace it’ll be worn with very subtle jewelry everywhere else or French women will often just wear timeless classic jewelery that is great for everyday use but it still looks really luxury I have to say I really have kind of rediscovered the value in a really beautiful statement piece of jewelry a little bit like you know like the necklace that I’ve been wearing here from and Louisa don’t forget about that discount code.
To link if you’re below because.
I’ve really been enjoying.
Wearing that jewelry that is still feels a little bit luxurious but you know that you can wear it every single day.
If you’ve been watching for awhile you know that the way I break down a certain look or even a certain style is by really reverse.
Engineering it based on elements that I actually can control so the first thing that I look at is the overall style five and I find when you really nailed the description of the style that you want to emulate that’ll make a big difference in terms of you know how the government makes you feel and then which garments you pull out your own closet so in terms of describing the style live a French girl she I mean I think effortless has to be in there refined and timeless polished and cool and maybe a little bit of an edge because I find when it comes to French women even though all the pieces that they’re wearing are very classic there’s always a little twist for little hands to that.
I look at is the silhouette and proportion and to really nail these ideas down then I think and I kind of referenced and made a list of some very eye clinic French women like in is the left his own shop looking spooled Kennedy in the make it last and some of my personal favorites I really like him all we see of course one of my face and then you and I’ll be editor French vote we’re kind of looking at all these women and we’re looking at what are the commonalities and what they’re wearing in terms of silhouette it’s definitely very clean and very sleek lines and always a very balanced proportion there’s never you know some crazy volume in a certain place that’s really drawing the eye there’s a lot of harmony and a lot of balance I also think in terms of silhouette we don’t see anything that is.
Too tight or form fitting I think a big part of French women style being so effortless and she is that they’re very comfortable and what they’re wearing.
Finally a styling have this is the third piece that I look at and this is really down to the details all of those little things that are more about how someone’s wearing something versus what they’re actually wearing the first thing that I see is a great use of texture.
This is because a lot of French women have.
A very neutral palette of clothing and in order to create interest texture is where it’s at this is also I think where they get that edge they’re really not afraid to mix those high and low and I think that’s a great styling hack the lot of us can employ there’s nothing wrong with wearing you know.
A designer shoe with.
A five dollar thrifty dress I think.You.
Would all stop watching my channel if I didn’t mention this one heart whether it’s tied on to their bank or around their neck in a really beautiful way French women really know how to style this accessory in many ways.
And now it’s time so I hope you enjoy it but before that I’m so sorry I just thought maybe I could do a separate video with the sensual in a French woman’s closet and then making some suggestions for French brands that are also ethical and sustainable and giving you a list of YouTubers bloggers and Instagram was that I followed.Have.
Beautiful French style so and let me know if you want me to make this kind of a two parter and.

That is what I have for you today I hope you enjoyed this video and the lookbook let me know which look with your favorite or if you have any French girl she could tips that you want to share with them in the comments below I have thank you so so much for watching his thumbs up if you liked it or if you learn something new it’s a scribe if you haven’t already I hope you have an amazing week ahead I think next week with another live action video thank you so much for watching almost.

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