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Dressing for pear shape – pear body shape

Pear shape dress is a path probably one of my least favorite of the fruit however the man has done some things in common kind of juicy kind of mine came places I’m also quite refreshing at times however there’s one thing that me and my friend Pat Sharon Coleman and that’s kind of a shake today everyone I’m gonna be talking to you about dressing when you are a path.

dressing for pear shape - pear body shape
dressing for pear shape – pear body shape

I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite things to wear that made me feel comfortable which I feel all factoring and also just kind of what we have what I’ve got his sight if you’ll pass shaped it normally means that you’ve got like a smaller top and available so as you can see my friend Pat him also up big gas that is what it’s about if you’re be impatient now I don’t really have big babies have quest will topic ways case in quite low but my **** and my thighs steal the show and and some things of feel good in some things don’t feel good and I’m going to share with you what days plans all this happened just so I’m not saying that my what is everything you could obviously what what the bloody hell you want I’m actually wearing something that someone flattering but it can act like it because it’s come face which is this big owl sack his if you teach number one sure I always try and when things are kind of high waist these days I always try and accentuate my waist in terms of like wearing such high waisted on the bottom and then cropped just to kind of highlight the bit in the middle you know I.
Hello okay I love denim shorts say much but I find them incredibly uncomfortable because of when my thighs up to get that they go up into the crotch and my office kind of ease them I still wear them say my favorite pair of shorts all these denim shorts from Topshop I’m very nice they all good and they did a good in pictures however realistically when I’m wearing them and I will then for festival will come around I was constantly pulling them out of love it that is just the nature of having big fights and bombs I just like to select everything up they do look at that they do not call they do look sexy especially when got like not to have a tan your light yet I’m feeling very delicious sure however that the I. D. preferred to whack when it’s summertime because the more comfortable and they died right up as much and and their little bit more freeing all sure a little bit like this I went to my waist they’re kind of like a colossal pleated shorts school whatever you want to call them and these are black ones and I find them so much more comfortable because there are less to Katie aids they all will believe up I have them in a few different colors and designs let the pretty blue ones but I recommend getting Schultz the Arnold MO freeing and less structure to them even if they like paperback tools that because he is well anything that’s kind of named Qalat show that that kind of thing denim you are my friend but I do you like to stay clear of you when the summertime my favorite kind of schedule that in the summer is a midi scat sometimes of buttons or a little tight around the waist I have a generally something that is quite loose fitting but will sit on the waste and then just drop down now this is my favorite Scott of the summer and this is the mail number from primal it’s a long skirt at eight at amity scat it’s call buttons on the front it’s.
Stripe a tie waist and I like it because it goes in the middle and then just drops down I think it’s stupid deeper firing think if you’re self conscious about like you thought easily old book which you totally should be you should just rock yeah just rock electors rocket lakes work yup plaid add bad days if you are it kind of the fight it just drops down just kind of disguises them if that makes any sense because you can’t really see that what they are I know some people that are not wearing things that too tight because you can see everything that’s what back bad year options and trials and stuff almost favorable so if you are like that I recommend these that I’m I’m just to examination.
I like wearing this with a nice crop talk over a T. shirt tied up in a not so is cropped and or even like a body suit would look seeping nice if this so I mean he’s got nice loose forty metes gas dot of like just a nice thin material.
Yup wraparound dresses O. M. G. I do have one fashion overthrown dresses because I find them again super comfortable super flattering and this is my favorite one its bite mill kit I’ve had this for so long this is vintage a bit of a sales ages ago this is my favorite rapper out personally I have quite a few the reason why I like them is because the wraparound wrap them around to waste and you can pick how title Holly she wanted to fit in because they got that like rock around next to them you get that nice cross save across yet your boobies here which kept crates most plans and sort of like accentuates like the neckline makes it it’s really nice that it’ll say it gets you on the waist and then it just dies out around but out woods in a really nice way so you’ll just so if you’ll itself tucked in Hey so incensed in and then out of the ball and and I find it so nice and flattering to wear and really comfortable I let this looks good my sleeves is what a wraparound dresses yes yes all about rock run dresses I will favor a wraparound dress if I had to address that and they always always on the out always on the look for more references maxi dress is now in particular at this one because of the past and and the design and the kind of like accents on it this is a master’s level from forever twenty one loss summer the all I love it because the way it is staged in sorrow it’s a county talk it’s got like a frill around the top pay for not so that detail but it just stitches in just below the biebs so stitches in on the waist and then that again that just drops down and then it’s got like this really bottom again I think anything that kind of just like stitches in chest hair here are we going to get where it’s like kind of like that the smallest point and then drops like that yes all the.
Out that this is my favorite maxi dress just because I failed the best in it I feel it’s the mice firing dressed I in and it gets me all the good places it shows off my collarbone shows of my arms that shows of my like my chest area accentuated in the ways that were stitched in the detaining head against adds another focal point so that’s this one actually love it and then moving on to jeans now my favorite type of genes are by all the Jamie jeans from Topshop I love these jeans because the high waist that stretchy and they come in so many different styles I like them because they got the belt loops I’m really loving belts because I like the fact that they all they are nice accessory but they also help to kind of make you feel more law I’ve got these black Jamie jeans from Topshop I love to add them with a belt so my normal everyday kind of guy eighteenth day is games getting James public like the James west about crop top or some kind of T. shirt tied into a knot that is normally what day I like the fact that the belt creates like about create like a focal point again is acting that kind of shape also just it’s just it’s just cool wearing about is cool and they look cool and aunts just an open extra sign sign to the let a lover in about specially west about because of an account for the states what do you think it’s a like a new fave thing of mine and I love because I like to wear them tucked into jeans or insistent sky or short you know when you want to talk a teacher in our top in two U. M. jeans or whatever he sometimes at the bold around it well these just to see the skin tight they go they go in I see to get any Bolden again if you will all everything high waist so can you get in that nice kind of loop shaped yourself but I’m not a body suit I think that’s so nice to have a bunch of basic ones now but now I’m like X. like reaching out into different types of what he sees and different designs I’m.
I really like them I never really thought about wearing the before because I feel that I would be too much and annoying but not that great I love them I highly recommend them they just look cool you feel skin type feel slick really really super good lady is cropped up in particular this cooktop I’m a huge fan of now and if you okay shaped but you also pass eight that you have a ticket this one might what VA the type of crop top as you can see which is quite low cop so shows a lot of chest of maybe my little detail at the front this one’s got like a little cold thing I’ve got some with ties that tie up at the front I was with tassels and set it to basically this cuddling and then I have like some sort of interesting sleeve going on this one’s goal well this is that it breaking up most of cool down when the sleeves but I’m again aware this kind of stuff wave high waist jeans seven nine out or something fancy or anything high waist but I like to add that on the ranks with yet high waist jeans and maybe like a nice necklace so yeah those are my favorite things I like to wax for my particular shape I pressed the love my body shape if I’m honest I love having a big gas I just I just feel great like that these would be applicable for if you are like generally cut cook heavy Celo reminded to you all we are all different cool different shapes and sizes everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way when I’m talking about being factoring old like highlights in small areas of the body that doesn’t mean that I’m striving to be skinny well smaller because that’s how I feel that we should all neck I’m just talking about kind of what you have what you got like highlighting areas that look cool making the most of the off if you got it it set to a big set chat is still about making contrast and shapes of your body there’s no right or wrong and I’m not telling anyone what they kind of come when.

A toll and days of my personal faves of all I like to wear for my body shape that makes me feel good thanks very much what’s in a high if you enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys soon so that.

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