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Best Lifestyle Running Sneakers – Best Lifestyle shoes

What’s up everybody I’m Seth Fowler and stamp counting down the top ten best of lifestyle running sneakers of two thousand and nineteen part two first off I would give a huge thank you to the sponsor of today’s video road runner sports road runner sports is one of the best places to go both online and in store for all your running and sportswear needs road runner sports has an extremely knowledgeable staff is very passionate about running and they really care

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Best Lifestyle Running Sneakers – Best Lifestyle shoes

about their customers whether you’re a casual or novice runner like myself or someone who’s been running for years and you know everything there is to know about running road runner sports has all the products you would ever need to make sure to check out road runner sports by clicking the links in the description below we’ve got every single issue that I talk about today’s video link so if you’re trying to find anyone of the sneakers just make sure to check out that description or if you would prefer to talk to someone in person make sure to stop by a road runner sports store seriously huge thank you to road runner sports for sponsoring today’s video they’ve always been a huge supporter of the channel and I really really appreciate but with that being said let’s talk about the top ten lifestyle running sneakers of two thousand and nineteen part two if you missed out on the first video from earlier this year I think back in March I talked about the top ten best lifestyle running sneakers of two thousand and nineteen at that time but now that we’re near the end of the year in November I decided to update the list with some of the releases that came out in between and I’ve got to say some of these releases are awesome and from brands that I don’t usually buy from so I was really excited to check them out if you’re not familiar with this series I guess at this point because this is the third video I’ve done just like this in the last two years I talk about ten of my favorite recently released running sneakers that could also be worn for lifestyle where all of the running sneakers mention in today’s video are of course great for everyday runs but they’re also great for going to the gym going to the store and even going to work because the best part about the shoes is not only are they great running sneakers but they’re also very comfortable and they look good as well so you can wear them all day with no issues this list is not in any particular order I didn’t make number one the best you and number ten the where she what they’re all great shoes for different things to pick up the issue that you liked because it works for your lifestyle and it also looks good to you but with all of that.
Out of the way let’s jump right to the list the new balance fresh foam ten eighty V. ten the fresh phone ten eighty V. ten is one of new balance’s latest running sneakers and it comes in at a pretty reasonable retail price of a hundred fifty Bucks the first thing that you probably notice about the she was the brand new fresh phone X. mid sole with laser etched details around he’ll I actually really like this mid sole a lot because it gives you a super unique look and also hides the creasing from extended wear new balance fresh foam X. is a super comfortable and very light weight cushion that feels great underfoot not only that but just the sheer amount of cushioning that you get underfoot pretty much guarantees that you’re gonna have a very comfortable and smooth ride the top half of the fresh phone ten eighty B. ten comes with a high bone it upper which provide strategic stretch and strategic support depending on where your foot needs it it’s a super soft and breathable upper especially around top you tell but it still does provide some really nice support around your mid foot and round heel speaking of the heel the back of the shoe has a new balance is calling alter he’ll which provides a super Steph and super strong support structure on the bottom of the shoe you’ve got some gray and black rubber traction pods as well as some exposed foam which should allow for a little bit more expansion and more compression the freshmen ten eighty has always been a favorite of runners worldwide and this latest be ten addition is no different the fresh foam it still provides a nice cushion with out feeling too soft and hibernate upper provides nice breathability around the tell with some added structure around mid foot and around here the adidas solar boosts nineteen the seller boosts nineteen is D. diss latest solar boost maker and it comes in a retail price of a hundred and sixty Bucks a majority of the issue is covered in a breathable mesh upper and then around the sides of the tell in the midst but you’ve got the stitched live details which actually called tailored fiber placement on the solar booze nineteen adidas actually completely remove the midfoot cage and instead of only used tailored five replacement because it provides just as much stability without the added weight I also really like the static of this T. F. P. because I think it gives you a more aggressive and unique look in addition to that you’ve also got a full length responsive boost midsole indeed this is also added with their.
Calling an energy rail which guide your foot and keeps it more in place unlike some of the pieces other blue sneakers there is a little bit less boost in the issues you’re not going to get as much cushion but you are going to get some more responsiveness and some more ground feel that said it’s still an incredibly comfortable shoe and it comes with a full length continental stretch without so which also helps attraction the adidas solar Bruce nineteen is a great looking at the sneaker with a full length Smith so which feels good underfoot but also provide you more stability than a lot of other blue sneakers the Nike epic react flyknit to the epic reacts flyknit two was one of Nike’s premier running and lifestyle sneaker is that usually retails for a price of a hundred and fifty dollars right now on road runner sports dot com you can actually get the shoe for around a hundred and twenty so if you’re interested in checking out the epic react flooded too for yourself make sure to check out the link in the description below nineties epic react line is actually been one of my favorite lines that they make because of how comfortable this she was underfoot of course a lot of that is due to Nike’s full length react cushioning which can be found in the midsole react is very soft underfoot without feeling unstable which is pretty hard to do especially when your mid sole is as tall as this I personally love react cushioning because not only does it feel good on casual runs but it’s also the kind of shoe that you can wear all day and you don’t even feel like you’re wearing it the upper of the shoe is a one piece flyknit booty construction which means it doesn’t have separate tongue so it’s going to give you a much more sock like fit than a lot of the sneakers on the market the upper is somewhat stretchy but it’s very breathable and very light weight so it almost feels like you’re not even wearing anything on your foot I also like the minimalist static and construction of the epic react flooded too it’s a very unassuming she which means you can get away with wearing it pretty much anywhere unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of traction on the bottom of the shoe but as long as you’re running on dry services you should be good to go the new balance fuel cell rebel new balance is fuel cell rebel is actually one of the ladies shoes on the list and not only that it’s also one of the lightest on your wallet and only a hundred and thirty Bucks retail what can I say I love puns as the name would suggest the shoe features a full length fuel cell phone mid so which provides cushioning that’s designed to rebound you into the next step another interesting detail is that if you.
Okay top issue you’ll notice at the midfoot at the sneaker has this large outrigger on the lateral side I would presume that’s there for added stability and if that’s the case I don’t mind it the upper of the shoe also comes in a booty like construction which means going to give you a sock like fit the one downside is that it’s a little bit harder to get your foot into the issue than other sneakers one of the reasons the fuel cell rebel is so light is because it has a very thin and minimal trace fiber upper which provides a surprising amount of support around mid foot statically the sneaker is also interesting because even though the shoe has like five different colors and crazy patterns going on in the upper it doesn’t feel like it’s too much or it’s too loud they did a good job of keeping the shoe very wearable and then rounding up the shoe the bottom of the speaker comes the data driven luck out so which provides lightweight traction the to boost nineteen village was nineteen is one of the D. diss flagship running lifestyle sneakers and comes in at a somewhat hefty retail price of a hundred and eighty Bucks I do have to say though that I think the price is justified because this is genuinely one of my most worn sneakers of the entire year the ultras nineteen features a private three sixty upper which is stretchy and supportive and one of the most comfortable uppers available in the market at least in my opinion the shoe also features a mesh midfoot cage which is great for a lock down and unlike some of the previous job is it a rations that used a solid plastic midfoot cage this message should be a lot lighter weight but the main reason I love the arch was nineteen is the super thick tool density boost mid so which feels incredible underfoot since two thousand and fifteen boost it’s been one of the softest and most comfortable cushioning technologies on the market and the deed is done a great job of capitalizing on the technology in fact the older boost has widely been considered one of the most comfortable sneakers available all that said I think I prefer the old blues nineteen is more of a lifestyle sneaker than running sneakers well you can run an issue and while they have made a lot of performance improvements to make it a better running sneaker it is still pretty heavy and cushioning can feel a little bit mushy at times but if you’re primarily wearing this you around the office or going to the store and only occasionally going on some runs the arch was nineteen is a great way to go the adidas also boosts twenty now I know.
Just talked about the LG vu’s nineteen but the altar boys twenty is a D. diss latest and upcoming altered his model which hasn’t actually come out yet the speaker is going to retail for a hundred and eighty Bucks just like the old blues nineteen however the altar was twenty does have some pretty interesting performance improvements first off like the syllabus nineteen the altar boost twenty now features tailored five replacement around the tail and the midfoot cage of the ship the Taylor five replacement should provide more stability around the tail and round the midfoot of the sneaker while shedding some of the weight don’t get me wrong it’s still relatively heavy sneaker but it does feel a little bit lighter than the nineteen in addition to that the twenty switched out the prime it on the hill for a super soft and super plus neoprene like material even with all the performance improvements it does look like adidas get my favorite part of the sneaker the same which was a full length boosted so just like the nineteen the boost midsole is super thick super comfortable and feels like you’re walking on a cloud which is awesome the Nike zoom Camaro fourteen the Nike zoom Romero in my opinion is one of Nike’s best looking running sneakers and it also comes in at a pretty reasonable retail price of a hundred and forty Bucks not only that but the zoom amero fourteen also features a really interesting tool cushioning set up inside the midsole of the shoe you’ve got a full length errors in the unit which provides a smooth and snappy ride and not only that you’ve also got Nike’s react foam in the mid sole which really softens out and cushions the ride the upper of the zoom amero fourteen comes in this really nice textile mesh which provides nice support and durability and if you like a tighter and more customized fit the shoe also features a firewire lacing system basically what the fly wire lacing system is are these tiny little wires ninety calls them but actually rap through the upper of the sneaker so when you type the laces it actually pulls the entire upper around your foot that in addition to the separate time really allows you to customize the fit the way that you want and then rounding off the bottom of the shoe you’ve actually got this pretty rugged out so which should provide you some nice traction the second trial of seventeen the trial of seventeen is the most heavily cushioned shoe on this entire list both the upper and midsole are extremely soft and it comes in a retail.
The price of a hundred and fifty Bucks the top after this sneaker is made up of what Socrates calling form fit upper and I’ve got to say it’s ridiculously well padded ankle area of the issue alone feels like it has almost half an inch of padding and it’s incredibly soft and feels really good on your foot in addition to that the tongue of the she was also very thick and well padded and when you slide your foot into the sneakers it really feels like you’re being surrounded by pillows it’s a really weird feeling but one that I really like statically it’s a pretty plain shoe I’m not in love with the upper but I definitely don’t mind it now I’m sure this meat so probably looks familiar to you and I would assume that’s because they use in a very similar technology to these boost like the upper of the sneaker the midsole itself is very thick and very well padded and of course because of that feels really soft underfoot even though power run plus does look pretty similar to boost it does feel like they changed up the formula of the material a little bit because it is slightly more firm and actually a little bit more stable then moving to the bottom of the shoe you’ve got this really interesting yellow and black rubber outsole which has pretty decent traction but it’s nothing incredible I can’t say it enough but the issue is incredibly plush both on the upper end of the midsole and if softness and pillow like comfort is all you’re really looking for from your pair of running sneakers this is a good way to go the Hoka own a own a ring Conn the whole go ring Conn is one of the ladies sneakers mentioned on today’s list and not only that it’s also the cheapest at a hundred and fifteen dollars and I got to be honest I love the way the sneaker looks and I don’t know what it is about it I think maybe the chunky midsole is winning me over I’m not totally sure but it’s a great looking shoe at least in my opinion there have actually been some colorways of the sneaker I’ve seen release and a few boutiques around the area that I really wish I’d picked up because I just love the way that they looked this colorway isn’t bad it’s definitely simple it’s definitely clean I mean it’s white and black you can’t really go wrong the hope the only only ring Conn is a very minimal sneaker it’s got a single layer mesh upper which is super breathable but still pretty durable and most of the details of this you are actually printed directly on to the mess which gives it a sort of fuzzy look which I actually kinda like a new addition on the hook a ring Conn is this.
In nylon pull tab to be honest I didn’t have any trouble getting into any of the previous focus sneakers that I’ve owned but they’re touting it as a new addition on the website so I felt like I should at least pointed out then getting to my favorite part of the speaker at this really thick full compression EVA midsole this EVA is really light and I’m kind of surprised because it looks like such a thick and chunky missile the construction of the midsole is pretty simple that’s probably why it’s so light it’s just one piece of molded EVA and that’s pretty much it even though the midsole is pretty simple and pretty light it does absorb shock well which I really appreciated then on the bottom of the shoe you’ve got a few strategically placed rubber traction pods I know this you definitely isn’t for everybody but there’s something about it that I just really like the look of it I can’t put my finger on it the Nike Pegasus thirty six the Pegasus line has been one of Nike’s most popular running lines for years because of its no nonsense design and it’s pretty reasonable price for example they exist thirty six comes in a retail price of a hundred and twenty dollars for most of this year the Pegasus thirty five has actually been my go to running sneakers and it looks like the thirty six it’s just an iterative improvement on the thirty five the Pegasus thirty six features a perforated mesh textile upper which provides a lot of readability and a lot of support not only that but like the Merrill fourteen that we just talked about you also have a fly wire lacing system which really allows you to customize the fitted to snicker I mean also visually I just think it’s a really clean and simple looking sneaker the you can pretty much wear with anything and get away with it moving down the shoe you’ve got a crush on film it’s sold that in cases of full length zoom air unit like I mentioned before the Pegasus thirty six is definitely a no nonsense running sneaker zoom air unit does provide some cushion underfoot but the coastline is still pretty firms you gets nice responsiveness adds a nice ground feel a big plus for the thirty six over the thirty five is the fact that slim down and it’s a little bit later as well then moving to the bottom of the shoe you’ve got a waffle piston out so which I’ve never really heard of before that’s the new term for me apparently it absorbs impact really well and it also provides some really solid multi directional traction there’s definitely a reason why the Nike Pegasus line’s been as popular as it has been over the last couple years and it takes.
This thirty six is definitely a great ship but that pretty much wraps up my list for the top ten best lifestyle running sneakers of two thousand and nineteen part two were updated edition so let me know in the comments section down below which ones of these shoes you like the best and which ones you would consider picking up once again if you

are interested in any of these sneakers they’re all linked in the description below so make sure to check those out huge thank you once again to road runner sports for sponsoring today’s video it’s much appreciated and as always thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe down below if you haven’t yet and I’ll see you on the next one.

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