How To Style To Your Body Type

What’s the most attractive body type number one the triangle. Body talk number two the inverted triangle body type number three the rectangle body type number four the oval body type number five the trapezoid. Now I am gonna reveal the answer here in the next couple minutes but no matter what the answer is, you’ve got a particular body type. Today you’ve got a dress for it.

Now before I get into how to dress for each of the five body touch gentlemen I want to layout three ground rules.

Dress for the body that you have today so that may be great in two months or a year that you will have lost all that weight you want to lose or maybe gain that muscle. You’ll have the ideal body at that time but you can’t walk around naked right now gentleman, you have to dress for the body you have so that interview that big event that you’ve got coming up that date that you want to go in. You’ve still got a dress for the body that you have. This is a great segue into my sponsor Anson belt. So one of the things I love about the Anson besides the interchangeability you have talked about how their buckles and all their belts are interchangeable.

You can buy three buckles three belts you’ve got nine options here but this is what I love. You’re gaining or losing weight guys within a quarter of an inch these belts adjust so and by the way, you can separate this right here. Let’s say you lose a couple of pounds you don’t have to go buy a new belt you can actually cut this off and it will still fit you perfectly. Now if you’re gaining weight to be a little bit more difficult I’m sure you can you know. It’s a father-son business.

Rule number two is the foundation point is that your body shape will determine the type of clothing that you want to wear. Don’t fall in the trends so there’s a trend a while back about skinny ties skinny lapels, basically skinny suits all this stuff if you are a triangle-shaped guy. If you are an oval-shaped guy that is just going to make you look like a clown doesn’t matter. If it somewhat fits you it’s not going to fit your body type. Proportion is key here gentlemen and so you’ve got to understand that for your body type there are going to be items that are just going to work better for you.

Foundation point number three is to seek the norm when you’re wearing clothing that you want to do no matter what your body type is. Are you want to basically, have a better balance you. So that you could go towards the norm body type in your society and that goes back to the question at the very beginning the answer is. What body type is most attractive well it depends on where you live and what is the norm body type so the body types in India, the body type in Germany, the body type in Italy the body type in the United States or Mexico it changes it depends.

Here in the United States people are going to be more muscular that’s we put on a pedestal a lot of guys go to the gym. In India they’re going to be a bit thinner, Japan they’re going to be a bit thinner so over there it may be the rectangle. In the United States is going to be more the trapezoid interesting though is because obesity becomes more common. It becomes something viewed as actually more attractive believe it or not the point is. You don’t want to whenever you’re if you have built yourself up. You are bodybuilder don’t put on a jacket that has a lot of shoulder pads. It makes you look like a cartoon and that’s not what we’re looking for.

What we’re looking to do is go towards the norm in your society so the first body type I’m gonna talk about a gentleman is the triangular body type. This can happen early on in life it can also happen a lot later we can happen with weight gain but basically what we see is the hips. The stomach area starts to widen out. The shoulders were naturally may be sloped or they simply you don’t work out. You don’t take care of that area and so they start to slow down you start to hunch over a bit. This is something that you’ve got a build up the shoulder if you can build up the shoulders all a sudden this is going to transform this body type more into a square and a square is much more masculine than a triangle.

The issue with the triangle again goes back to the shoulders weak shoulders are viewed as not masculine so you want to throw on a sports jacket, throw on jackets, wear casual suit throw on blazers. But also bring in denim jackets bring in other a leather jacket always think how can I in a sense build up this area. Can I wear a casual button-up shirt that has epaulets and maybe have the double pockets they have a little bit of it embroidery design?

So, the chest area the shoulder area you’re looking to add a bit of weight to it even sweaters can come in and help out with this. Now when it comes to the hips what you want to do don’t wear anything baggy in the hips so you’re gonna wanna wear things closer in and around here. You also are going to want to make sure the proportion of your shoes. You don’t want to go with anything super large everything down here is as large as you want it to be so you want to work possibly more delicate dress shoes. Things that aren’t gonna look small even though maybe you’ve got size twelve feet.

The next body type I want to talk about is the inverted triangle this is the bodybuilder. This is the guy that spends time in the gym and has built up his upper body now the problem with this many people going to say. I would love that body and love his problems well try going to a tailor I can tell you this is one the most difficult bodies to tailor clothing to and a lot of the stuff he puts on. It makes his upper body look even bigger and his lower body, therefore, becomes disproportional and this is what we want to avoid. So the guy with this body, he wants to build up his lower body. He’s going to do this by focusing on shoes that make his feet look a little bit bigger.

He wants to look at boots he wants to look at maybe textured shoes with suede. He wants to look at contrast so something maybe that’s got a contrast in leather to it, something that draws a little bit more attention to his footwear. Then we’re moving up here let’s look at jeans avoid skinny jeans maybe go for a straight cut. You don’t need to go for a loose cut but you want to give something that gives a little bit of extra weight in here when you’re looking at suits. Make sure you avoid jackets that have a lot of padding search out jackets. Especially you know certain ones may be coming out of Italy or that you can get custom made which are going to have no padding in here.

The idea is you’ve already got everything you need up here and you want to come off as simply a guy that looks like he’s in shape, not a guy that you know comes off as this disproportionate. It looks like he’s gonna fall over you know just because he has no weight down here in the lower body. So again we’re trying to avoid the cartoonish look by making your proportions your lower body more balanced.

The next body type is a rectangle body type for many guys this is going to be a great body type to have. But if it starts to be an extreme rectangle where it’s a thin lanky individual. It becomes a lot more difficult so this is where you want to add texture now if you’ve got a normal build I’m relatively five foot nine. What a hundred seven hundred sixty-five pounds, I can tell you clothing is relatively easy to find for me.

But if I was six foot three a hundred and eighty pounds I would you know have that much leaner profile and it becomes much harder to find clothing he doesn’t want to be wearing really thin clothing that makes him look extremely thin. And like he’s malnourished here simply he’s looking for things that are going to add some weight adds some texture so for him unlike many of the other body types he wants to break up that line. So he doesn’t want to necessarily go for monochromatic looks he wants to go for an odd jacket with an odd pair of trousers and what do I mean by that I mean they’re not made from the same fabric you can go with jeans you could go with a sports jacket that’s a great look for a lot of guys.

If he’s going to go for a shirt he can go with one that has a little bit of build maybe the double pockets something that has a little bit of a contrast between the top and the bottom that’s okay. If we focus in on his mid-section a bit because he’s so thin, it’s going to make him maybe not look so thin. He’s going to keep the eye right there at the center the point is.  Are we’re looking for balance? We are looking to kind of widen him out a bit and make him look more like the norm.

The next body type I want to discuss is the oval body type. We’re looking to do two things here. We’re looking to stretch out the oval and we’re looking at edges so let me talk about each by stretching out the overall I mean let’s make you look taller. or let’s make you look leaner we can do that with monochromatic looks a suit natural monochromatic look here you’ve got a matching jacket with matching pair of trousers made from the same fabric. It allows the eyes to go up and down when a big man wears this he almost always looks great. Now what you want to avoid is a high contrast outfit so light-colored shirt with a dark pair of trousers that are a nowhere our attention is focused in your mid-section, it just makes you look wider now.

When I’m talking about the edges talking about here on the jacket perhaps. I am talking about the shoes that draw a little bit of attention to themselves. These are your top and bottom areas the jacket right here the shoulders it’s gonna build them it’s going to draw a line right here that’s a great thing.  What you don’t want is to have soft in and around that area now with the shoes you want our attention to focus in on the shoes. So you can wear a great pair of boots not only will those give you a little bit of height but they could draw attention. You can go with something with the broguing, something with the contrast leather,  something with a bit of suede in it and something with style. Because we’re going to focus in on there and we’re going to say wow this guy’s got style he’s large and in charge.

The next body type is a trapezoid body type one of the easier body types to dress unless he’s extremely tall extremely short or closer to an inverted triangle. But this guy, in general, meant much of the clothing he’s going to try on it’s going to fit in pretty good and that’s where the problems as he’s. He doesn’t get many things adjusted to fit him he tries things off the racks. This is pretty good I’m going to wear it as is so he gets lazy. This body type needs to take everything has to a tailor to get it perfectly adjusted no excuses here. This is one of the easiest body types to dress and I but I see so many guys still screwing it up because they’re wearing clothing that doesn’t fit them. They don’t go out there follow my simple style pyramid where you focus on the fit. You focus in on the function basically what’s the message you want to send you to focus in on the fabric you buy the best you can afford.

How To Wear Leggings

How to wear leggings? When you are not on your way to the gym how should leggings fit anyways? What is proper fitting how to recognize good quality leggings among all the options that you can choose from in the store? We’ll start with the fitting and the quality and then we’ll tackle the matter of styling leggings as part of a complete outfit first point and probably the most important one how should leggings fit?

You might think no one cares its elastic anyways always works but actually no you can still have ill fixing or well-fitting leggings a good pair is not that easy to find first in terms of length you have different types of leggings obviously. A Capri legging is great if you have ballerinas with it it’s just stopping below the knee it’s great. If you have long legs and ankle-length is called to extend your legs. If you are smaller if you are shorter but then proper ankle length. I have a pair of Benetton leggings which are obviously cut for shorter people they slide up at them.

So they always seem too short or they are sliding down at the waistband level. They’re not working and the length it’s just not matching my body. Leggings like these are not right for my body and it’s important to take the length into consideration when you’re shopping for leggings. Then the next thing to know if the leggings are actually your correct size is to look at whether the seams are pulling sideways typically you see that at the level of thighs. When the seams are pulling you can see the thread you see the seam becoming visible and if it pulls even more than this. You see the elastane stretching in the fabric if you see that on your leggings then it’s not your real size and you should consider going one size up next point is the vertical seam.

The one around your bum it should be long enough so that when you sit down you don’t have to hold your leggings up they don’t slide down when you sit down if you see that you’re letting the sliding down it means that they’ve been cut, the pattern is made for a body that is leaner that has less curve than yours. You need to go for a design that allows for more curves than for comfort it’s also extremely important that your leggings aren’t too tight around your belly. Otherwise, you get the so-called muffin top effect even if you’re super slim and lean. It’s not a matter of body it’s a matter of pattern of the leggings so I’ve got leggings from Halluber they’re great because the waistband is not pressing at all onto my body.

This one is the low waist and then this is the second example of high waisted leggings you see the waistband is completely different the elastic is wider it’s because it’s for high waisted leggings choose the heights of the waistband depending on your body type. Whether you want or need support for your belly or not. Now let’s move on to quality which is important for leggings as well first the thickness of the fabric it needs to be thick enough otherwise you’re going to feel naked and people will see everything you’re wearing underneath. A good test for this is to sit down is it transparent can people guess the shape and color of your underwear under the leggings. If yes, then the fabric is probably too lightweight then for aesthetic reasons this time it’s important that the leggings contain some elastane.

A good value is around five percent because if your leggings are cotton only, one hundred percent cotton then they will mark around the knee the fabric will extend and lose its shape in the course of the day and also more and more as you watch the leggings. So a bit of an elastane is actually a good thing in terms of fabric composition fiber content. I would say a good mix is a viscose elastane or cotton elastane. It looks good it’s comfortable. It breathes well. You won’t sweat in it and it’s stable fabric so that’s a good mix to look for avoiding leggings that aren’t completely synthetic fabrics.

They’re not breathable at all and the worst of the worst that I would avoid always is faux leather because that’s complete plastic and to have this letter shiny effect on the surface it means that it’s completely opaque so you’ll get warm in there your skin will not breathe and it will be sweaty. Here’s an overview of all the pairs of leggings that I’ve shown so far you see two old ones plus three new ones you see their difference in fit, in fabric and in fabric thickness clearly I’m sure you can see the difference last but not least how to style leggings.

Once you found your dream pair in terms of fitting and quality this is how I would wear mine. When I wear leggings I want the top to end below the crotch I want my hips to be covered unless you’re super body confident and you’re sure that your leggings are thick enough. But I feel like leggings are not a replacement for pants. I will always be aware of my panty line I don’t want a panty line to show there, anywhere and in this case, seamless underwear is a great option highly recommended it solves your problem.

No matter how much you’re moving in your leggings my standard look here is to wear leggings as tights with a tunic or very short dress. But, since I’m told dresses, look like tunics on me anyways and to combine that with flat sandals. For a more sporty option, I can combine my leggings with shorts and sneakers that are the very, very casual look in which case the leggings could even be a little bit thinner. Because here it doesn’t match up and for the office or to go out I would combine them with heels like proper high heels and a purse.

So this is how I would wear leggings at least whether it’s okay or not to wear them as a replacement for trousers depends on the country in the region of the world you live in really for example in the US I know it’s very common people wear leggings everywhere even in the workplace whereas in Europe at least in France and Germany it’s considered too casual and you wouldn’t see leggings as a replacement for pants in an office.

How about your country? How do people wear leggings? Do they wear something else on top? I’m curious to know I think it’s a very cultural matter whether it’s appropriate, appropriate or not.

Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and if you learned something new. Thank you very much I did previous videos on close-fitting one about how shirts should fit business shirts and one about how a suit should fit. So I will link both videos here in the corner for you on the little ‘I’ or down below under this video in the description you’ll find everything there and you can watch more if you’re interested in having clothes that fit well. I will see you very soon again for a new video and until then, take care. Bye.

Dressing To Hide Belly Fat

Today I’m going to show you three big fashion mistakes that we can all make when we’re trying to style an outfit to hide out Tommy and disguise our belly fat.

Hi I’m Schellea and this is fabulous 50s a place where you can come to feel good about aging to enjoy the whole process and to learn new things to do be and have now that you’re over 50. Our number one goal is to bring attention to the parts of our body that we like the most and take the eye away from the parts that we don’t like. So I’m here on how to style an outfit to hide out tummy is to bring attention to the parts of our body that we like the best which will minimize the tummy area.

And the eye will be drawn away from it unfortunately one gift for menopause is a thickening of a waist and a larger belly. So women who have never had a problem with a belly and trying to conceal it tummy before are now trying to work out what to do and how to fix it. So I’m going to show you today the biggest mistakes that you can make and how to avoid. I thought this would be a great place to start with this series.  I’m going to do on body time because I think it will relate to a lot of you let’s get into the mistakes that we can make and I’ll show you how to fix them.

The number one mistake we make when we’re trying to hide our tummy is to add things to our tummy often times we trying to conceal it. But in actual fact what we’re doing is we’re bringing the eye to it so what we can do is wrap the scarf or belt around our tummy to try to minimize it but the outcome is that the human eye is drawn to the point of interest. And in this case, it’s the day talents what you’re trying to hide so it’s drawn to the scarf or drawn to the belt around the tummy other ways that we can make mistakes.

In this case, it is to use like a please around skirt because we think it’s going to give out tummy more space to breathe, or we’ll buy pants with plates at the front because we think that it’s going to give out tummy more room to be more comfortable. We think that the plates and the gathers are going to hide the bulge but what happens is the opposite the human eye goes straight to the problem we go straight to the detail. So how do we fix this well it’s not so difficult what we need to do is minimize any detail at all from the belly area. We put to minimize any bulk at the front so we with pants with flat fronts and zips at the side.

We with skirts with the plate starting below the tummy line so the part on the tummy is flat and skinny.  Then the details come below the tummy and when we’re wearing jeans we wear not much detail at all the front in our jeans no pockets or anything there and a high cut that going to pull out tummy in and minimize. So dark colors minimize and no detail minimizes we’re going to minimize any attention at all to this area by keeping it all flat.

The number two big mistake that we make is to wear high net boxy oversized clothes. I know this feels very comfortable and it feels like a kind of concealing everything but it just makes us look that much bigger. Here’s an example, when we wear big dresses or big oversized T. shirts we think we’re hiding, but we’re covering all of our beautiful feminine curves and that’s the meaning of feminine its soft curves.

So if we’ve got some curves we’ve got to show them off if we’re going to hide them. We make ourselves like a big sack high neck tops tend to shorten our neck area and then bulk up here. What we want to do to minimize our tummy is to accentuate the good paths wearing large boxy tee shirts that make us look shapeless. I’ve made a video on a fashion rule about the structure and flow.

It’s really helpful if you haven’t already seen it all legally copies. So you can have a look at that but we don’t want to have all these lines and structures to cover up and could be body. If it doesn’t work and it makes you look bigger so what can you do instead of hiding yourself under all that fabric I’ll show you some photos he to illustrate and you’re going to get outside your comfort zone a little bit if you used to cover yourself up. But you will enjoy wearing clothes this why is so much more you can emphasize your bust line with a great bra you want to create the illusion that the bust is bigger?

Then the belly and even if you have to really push up bra this will make a huge difference because then you have the proportions of the hourglass which is the bigger bust smaller waist and bigger hips. That is ultimately what we’re always trying to achieve that look here bigger smaller bigger and once you put attention into this area and got beautiful shape neckline. The eye will be drawn to that part of your body and then you allow the fabric from the top of the skirt to skim over your belly rather than cling to it an empire waist is also an amazing trick for this.

Because this is quite often the smallest part of the body and this is the part that we want to draw the eye too so an empire Waist it’s like a little waistband underneath the bra. That will make that part of you look tiny so the eye will go to that you’ve got something nice going on up here. And then the fabric will flow and skim over your tummy and that will be the last thing that people will notice these looks are really soft and feminine. We don’t want to be ashamed of our tummy.

All we want to do is make our tummy and our body shape look as good as it can with a little bit of help from illusion and that’s perfectly okay all size shirts with ruching around the tummy are really great to minimize. So the eye is going to go to the soft flow the fabric and that’s really pleasing to the eye and the number three big mistake we make. When we’re trying to style our tummy is the opposite to number two is when we wear clothes that are too clingy, two tight and showing way too much our clothes should skin not stick. Here’s some examples a high neck very tight skin-tight dress on any body shape unless you’re like these are very uncomfortable to wear.

And it’s not elegant and not really suitable for our age group what can you do instead you can still wear tight clothes but only on the top of the bottom one. only choose one and then apply these rules. If you choose a pencil skirt and you’re going to go tight on the bottom make sure first that it’s flat at the front and then you pair it with the top that’s soft and feminine. So you can either use a top we’ve some ruching around the tummy area or we can choose a top that has a beautiful neckline and an empire waist with the fabric softly flow over the tummy area.

And then we go into a nice pencil skirt or you could wear a fitted top where everything’s nice and tight all the way down to here you go to the smallest area. And then the rest of the fabric is flowy it’s elegant and it will move so it’s going to skim over your body the bottom half is loose but the top half is a time at our age adding a little bit of softness and mystery to an outfit can be very alluring. We don’t need to go skin tight and dress the way that we did when we were in our twenties that’s not necessary anymore love your body and thank it for getting you through every single day. Don’t beat up on it if it’s not the exact perfect shape that you would like and instead enjoy experimenting with new and different styles let me know what your problem areas.

How To Color Block Outfit

Color is a powerful thing you can shift your mood in an instant makes you smile make you feel more motivated you and give you energy or it can make you feel peaceful. Color is present everywhere in nature and the buildings around you in the sky on your skin and in your clothes which is what we’re going to talk about today.

First of all, what is color blocking exactly color blocking in fashion can be defined as the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid colors. So your whole outfit could be color block with different single colored items or you could also have one item in your outfits be color-blocked with panels of different colors does that make sense.

So in order to properly understand how to color block it’s important to first understand the color wheel don’t be overwhelmed. It’s really quite easy first you have the three primary colors red blue and yellow with these colors you can form any other color on the spectrum. Then you have the secondary and tertiary colors that are formed by blending the primaries together. Now, when you look at a color wheel the colors will generally be very bright and saturated. But they don’t have to be when putting together an outfit meaning there are two things you can change with any given color the brightness and the saturation. By adding either black or white to any color you can make it either a little darker or a little later creating different shades of that color. You can also vary the intensity of the color by making an idea a little more saturated or a little less.

These two teachers are essentially the same color blue the second one is less saturated than the other and they’re both great. But I just want to show you guys that you have options. So on to the meat of the subject now the four main ways you can color block your outfit to create a visually appealing color scheme. We’re gonna go into all four of those and I’m gonna be showcasing each point with some colorful statement pieces from Benetton. I’m happy to Benetton as a sponsor for today’s video because it’s a very nostalgic brand for me. When I was a kid I used to get all of my lightweight knits from them like all my crew neck and V. neck sweaters they would always have the largest choice of colors. The company is will so would stop by your store whenever I went back to my hometown in Paris for me. They’ve always been synonymous with fun colorful pieces and their most recent collection definitely honors.

The first and easiest way to color block is to go fold monochrome simply pair different pieces of the same color for a cohesive look now the key here to not look washed out or like you’re wearing the costume. It’s a very the shade and saturation of that color sure I want with some classic dark indigo jeans paired with the light blue turtleneck from Benetton and their heavyweight wool cloth jacket. I finished off the look with some light blue tread sneakers notice how not only shades of blue different providing a clear distinction between the light blue turtleneck and a jacket. But the fabrics are also different from the more rugged denim to the very soft virgin wool of the turtle neck and jacket and a mix of leather and suede on the sneakers creating an interesting look. Where everything blends in cohesively the without any peace losing itself and makes the shades of blue.

Analogous colors are colors that sit next to each other in the color wheel if monochromatic feel too safe for you using analogous colors instead is a great option to elevate your color blocking game ideally. I think that to really pull them off in a color-blocked outfit it will look best with three colors either three analogous colors or two analogous and neutral for example in this outfit. I use blue and green as the analogous colors and white as the neutral I layered Benetton’s V. neck cool sweater in a nice emerald green shade over to light blue turtleneck with a pair of mid-blue jeans. And chunky white sneakers for a throwback to the nineties five that’s further enhanced by oversized aviators. I’m wearing another combo I really like is orange and yellow in the warmer tones that are a great combo especially for fall you can also go for some cooler shades of blue and purple and pink together there’s definitely a lot of room for experimentation.

The third way to color block is by using complementary colors are two colors that sit opposite to each other in the color wheel pairing them together can look amazing just like you can look disastrous. The thing is that opposite colors by nature have a very strong contrast. So when you put them side by side it’s almost like the enhance each other’s brightness and end up looking even bolder. But there are several ways you can make complementary colors work beautifully together the first one is to use one of the two colors as the dominant color in the outfit. And have the second one be an accent color the second is to play with different shades and avoiding overly saturated colors for example when pairing red and green together think more olive green and Burgundy.

Rather than a full-strength green and red that might have you end up looking like an actual Christmas tree. The third way which can be combined with any of the other two is to have at least one piece in a neutral color to help anchor to look and avoid having it look tacky lastly instead of going for true opposites. You can also go for one color adjacent to the opposite colors providing a little less dark of contrast, for example, pairing yellow with ultramarine blue instead of purple in this outfit. I use Benetton’s wool turtleneck in a bright shade of orange as a statement piece I kept the rest of the look simple with some street fitted my blue jeans and white sneakers the navy wool jacket would be a good choice. About earlier to dial down the orange a bit making blues the dominant color of the outfit.

Lastly the triadic color blocking method involves putting together three colors that are equally distant from each other in the color wheel forming a triangle such as the three primary colors red blue and yellow or you can also go for three secondary or tertiary colors for something a little more subdued this method is definitely not for the faint of heart as the contrast created between the three colors is very start there’s color block hoodie from Benetton is a perfect example to illustrate the effect of a triadic color scheme it’s definitely a bold piece so I keep the rest of the outfit super pared back when wearing this, unfortunately, it’s a little too oversize for me but if you’re a little taller and will probably fit you better or it actually looks great as a sweatshirt dress for a girl so be careful your girlfriend might just steal it from you forever.

All those single color black pieces are a good option you can also opt for different items each with a different color from the triadic color schemes. Here I opted for Bennett since turtleneck in mustard along with solid blue jeans red socks anchored with white sneakers by keeping one of the three colors, in this case, read it as a small accent piece.  It’s more subtle but still shows that you were very intentional with the color blocking plus the look doesn’t need another big colorful piece like a red jacket. Which might make the whole outfit a little too in your face another variant of this outfit that I might even like a little bit better would be to swap the jeans for a pair of relaxed white pants. And have the blue piece of the outfit the denim jacket layered on top of the turtle neck and still keeping the red socks now you still have the triadic color scheme but the big chunk of white helps tie the whole look together.

You’re now fully set to match your girlfriends and you could be dressed and you both can go take some flyer couple pics free to grab. All the pieces war will be linked in the description guys if you’re looking for some fun colorful statement pieces for your fall-winter wardrobe whether it’s a crazy patterned sweatshirt or more simple but still, bold orange turtleneck.

How To Style Leggings And Tunics

How To Style Leggings With Tunics

Today I wanted to show you as promised how I typically wear leggings. If I ever do wear leggings and this is just my preference leggings are really popular today. You see people wearing them all the time you know sometimes they’re yoga pants. Sometimes they are truly are leggings and women tend to wear all different sorts of ways. But today I just wanted to show you how I wear them and how I find I can make them look presentable without looking awkward belly. I ‘m in exercise clothes because we know leggings are really comfortable they can keep our legs warm in the winter. There are some great ways to wear them so in today’s video I’m just going to show you a few variations and how I like to wear them.

I’m also doing a giveaway in this video for this Zoe laureate necklace by Stella and dot my friend Lucy sells Stella and dot and she’s done giveaways before on my channel. So I just want to thank Lucy for hosting this stay tuned to the end of the video so you can figure out how to enter this giveaway. So I’m just trying to figure out the best way for me to see this video right now. You know we’re still in the new house and trying to figure out the best places to shoot full-length shots of my outfit. But basically how I typically like to wear my leggings is limited to neck or address basically. So I don’t like to wear the leggings and then have a short top because for me that’s just too revealing and I don’t feel comfortable in it.

So here’s what I’m going to do I’m hearing this with this tunic that you saw I can link the video for my the closet door for my ten-item wardrobe let me get this out of the way. There we go and this is just the olive green tunic. It has pockets and it’s just a very simple basic and I’m pairing it with a long necklace now. I always like to pair to tunics with the long necklace because I think it looks pretty and it kind of brings the look together. So this is the necklace that we’re giving away today and there are many different ways that you can wear this necklace. If you go to my blog there will be pictures of all the different ways and all the different things you can do with it. So it’s really a cool necklace so I’m just wearing these leggings and on my feet, I have ballet flat, okay you could also where this is driving shoes as you can see right here so these are driving shoes and I frequently do that as well.

Then of course for most of us when there’s the weather outside you have to wear boots. So I’m wearing and just appear you know well includes right now make were riding boots with this you could wear shearling boots with this there are all sorts of boots that you could wear. That’s kind of what it looks like from a side view. And now I changed to a different tunic so this is just. A navy blue very basic tunic I like to get basic ones because you compare that with leggings and put them with accessories and they just wear really well. You can wear them in a variety of ways so this tunic I’m going to wear this scarf my mother in law gave me the scarf and you know there are so many different ways you can wear a scarf.

I’m just going to do something really simple right now but basically you can just wear a tunic scarf leggings and any of those three types of shoe ballet flats driving shoes or boots you can even wear short ankle boots as well. And I can show you what that would look like. We are at the ankle boots pretty much pair of leggings with almost any type of shoe it affirms may be bulky athletic shoes but yeah so this is what it looks like with ankle boots. I hope this video gives you the inspiration to let you know that you can wear leggings and are a very presentable way it’s very simple. It’s just like a mathematical formula for me I just pair them with a long tunic and either scarf piece of jewelry or just a nice pair of shoes whatever that is for you.

You know whatever corresponds to the weather that you’re given on any given day and that’s it and it’s just a very comfortable very winning formula for me as a busy mom. So I am really pleased to be giving away this necklace my friend Lucy who sells Stella and Dodd I’ll put all of her details below. She is offering to give away one Zoey laureate necklace to viewers of daily connoisseur this necklace is so great to wear with tunics and it’s very versatile. There are many different ways that you can wear I love the pictures on my blog with all the different ways that you can wear it. But basically only the details below you enter on my blog through raffle copter and I will select a winner in the giveaway is worldwide.